easy butter rolls


300g bread flour
9g milk powder
60g castor sugar
4.5g salt
4.5g yeast
60g eggs (beaten)
160g fresh milk
50g unsalted butter


  1. add all the ingredients except butter & beat until the mixture is elastic
  2. add butter and continue to beat until texture is smooth & elastic (window pane-like)
  3. put the dough in a mixing bowl & leave it to rest for 45min
  4. cut the dough into smaller pieces (20 pieces x 60g each)
  5. shape the dough roughly into balls on the work surface and rest on workbench for 20min

6. flatten each ball out into a tear shape and roll

  1. arrange neatly onto baking tray, spaced apart
  2. place butter strips in between rolls randomly
  3. bake at 165 degrees celcius for 25 min
  4. once rolls are freshly out of the oven, brush rolls with melted butter