jemput jemput (fritters)


1 bunch of bananas (ripe/overripe)
1 pinch of salt
2 tbsp sugar
5 tbsp plain flour

for frying: 1 pan cooking oil

*makes about 20-25 pieces depending on scoop size


  1. peel the bananas into a big mixing bowl
  2. mash the bananas – not too fine (leave some small chunks)
  3. add salt & sugar and mix well
  4. stir in the plain flour into the mixture, make sure the batter is even
  1. heat the cooking oil in the pan
  2. using a spoon, scoop the mixture & slowly release it into the oil pool
  3. once it turns golden brown (on the under side), flip it over
  4. fry till both sides are golden brown & put on a plate with 2 paper towels (to soak the oil)
  5. ready to eat!