sooji halwa


2L water
325g condensed milk (1 milkmaid tin)
390g evaporated milk (carnation – 1 tin)
1 pinch salt
300g semolina flour
1 pinch food colouring
500g cashew nuts (blended-fine)
300g almonds
4 tbsp pure ghee


  1. boil the condense milk, water & blended cashews over small fire – stir occasionally so that the bottom does not burn
  2. add food colouring & mix till even, bring mixture to a small boil
  3. add semolina flour, a little at a time to avoid clumping. stir well as you add the flour in
  4. add in carnation milk & salt
  5. bring mixture to a boil while stirring, over small fire – mixture should be thick
  6. add in ghee & continue to stir
  7. bring to a boil and mixture should thicken, integrate ghee into mixture as much as possible
  1. separately, heat the almonds over a small fire to roast them
  2. take them out once golden brown
  3. put the sooji halwa mixture in small cups & sprinkle almond and raisins on the top (as you prefer)
  4. cool the cups in room temperature, place them in the fridge to harden once the mixture has cooled
  5. cool for about 2 hours & enjoy!